Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma ("English Love Story Emma") is a manga and anime set in late-19th-century Victorian London. It features Kōta Hirano's second favorite maid, Emma. (See the back of Hellsing volume 7.)

It's about a maid and a member of the gentry who fall in love. The mangaka is the lovely Kaoru Mori, an Anglophile with a thing for maids and bunny-girls. ("I'm pretty sure people would call you a pervert if you were a man," wrote one letter. "I think so too," she replied.) Despite this, it's surprisingly chaste.

This site is about everything and anything Emma, in conjunction with its crossover in the Hellsing fancomic And Shine Heaven Now. As you can see, it's under heavy construction ^_^ My eventual goal is to become the premier source of Emma info on the Net. If there's anything you want to see, let me know!

5/21: The first two three episodes of Season 2 are available on the download page.

4/11: Yet another new Further Tale on the download page!
3/7/2007: Three more!
11/18: And another!
10/20: A new Further Tale on the download page!
  • 9/19: Arr, thar be two new side stories lurkin' on th' downloads page. An' a fine International Talk Like A Pirate Day to all!
  • 8/13: The complete volume 7 is available on the download page. Also, Emma anime season 2 has been confirmed!
  • 7/29: A small pile of new links, including fanfiction. Click, read, enjoy.
  • 6/22: Everything's been re-uploaded, and I've shelled out some money this time so that it'll stay that way. Download away, and please consider donating ^_^

    4/17: Emma has officially ended. Click here for details on translation, licensing, and the side chapters still to come.
  • 4/11: "Polychrome: The Shirley & Emma fanbook" is up for download!
  • 4/8: Manga summaries through volume five are up, and a whole slew of new folks from these volumes have been added to the characters list.
  • 3/6: The opening theme song is available for download, along with half a dozen wallpapers. Plus, I've joined three fanlistings - not that I'm sure how active they are . . .
  • 2/22: All of the episodes are available for download!
  • 2/20: More downloads; I'm almost finished with them now ^_^
  • 2/19/06: The site goes live - with the links, guide, and character pages active, and several downloads up.