Emma-related links. There aren't many! After scouring the Interweb, this is the entirety of what I've come up with.

IIchan Translation Group - Scanlators/subbers of the Emma anime and manga.

AmazonMandy's Place - Wow. Just, wow. Comics, art, cosplay, and more, including a genuine Emma cosplay.

Crumpets and Corsets - A site dedicated to in-depth explanations of the historical references in Emma.

de-illusion - a fan's site; includes Hakim fanart.

LiveJournal Community for Emma fans.

MORISATO SPECIALIST MAID AGENCY - Fansite for maid anime in general.

In Our Rajah's Service - A story about Hakim's girls, with rich background and spot-on characterization.
Old Habits - Touching one-shot in which Emma adjusts to her new role and William is sweet.

Wikipedia entries:
  • Victorian Romance Emma
  • Kaoru Mori

    Official sites:
  • Kaoru Mori's website - the creator's site; in Japanese. Pretty art, tho.
  • Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma - Official Japanese site for the anime.
  • CDJapan.co.jp - shopping for Emma discs.

    Information/summary/review sites on Emma:
  • Anime Secrets
  • Anime News Network
  • AnimeNfo.com
  • Anime Recommendations Database
  • Animefringe

    Miscellaneous bits and pieces that I've collected:
  • Anime screencap gallery on Yahoo! Photos
  • Emma doll on LJ community
  • Emma sketches on LJ
  • Hakim-themed icons on LJ
  • Newtype article from April 2005, on LJ
  • Sheet music on LJ
  • Colorbars on LJ
  • The overly complicated little tea-clock machine William bought actually exists.
  • Mind Your Manners!, a Victorian-era game from the McCord Museum